PCD milling cutters

PCD-tipped drilling tools are especially suited for machining
non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous materials.

The very hard diamond cutting material is characterized by its exceptional wear resistance which considerably increases the service life of tools.

PCD tools can machine complex contours with a high degree of finish quality and precision.

Very high cutting speeds and feed rates can be achieved with PCD tools, thus enabling large batches and a cost reduction due to shorter processing time.

Contact person: Mathias Engel

Telephone: +49 7263 / 9196-12
Fax: +49 7263 / 9196-29

Email: kontakt@sonderwerkzeug24.de


Our services:

Sharpening and repair service

We offer a sharpening service in order to maximize the service life of your tools. In the case of normal wear, the contour will be reset up to 1mm. In the case of spalling, we will reset the contour for the appropriate value required.

Based on your sketch, we will design the tool for you and provide you with the drawings.
We will also take over the modification of drawings.
Some industry examples:
    Valve industry
    Tool manufacturers
    Turning shops
    Automobile suppliers
    Instrument manufacturers


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Milling cutters PCD Details 02

Milling cutters PCD Details 02