Solid carbide milling cutters

Solid carbide milling cutters are characterized by their extreme hardness and excellent wear resistance.

The resultant increase in lifetime has positive effects on set-up times and follow-up costs for tools.

Anything from the simplest end mill cutters to form milling cutters with complex contours can be produced according to the specific application.
By combining several operations in one tool or even in one process, both the number of tools required and time taken for changing tools can be reduced.

The area of application for solid carbide drilling tools, which began with control and valve techniques in the automotive and fitting industry, now covers a wide range of application areas and is suitable for a variety of materials with special requirements with regard to cutting edge geometry and appropriate preparation of the cutting edge in a large number of materials.

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Our form milling cutters are available in tipped solid carbide for the most complex machined profiles and are individually adapted to your requirements with a wide variety of coatings. Thanks to our forming tools, an awkward and time-consuming manufacturing process with standard tools is avoided, thereby setting resources free, saving time and allowing more time for new innovations in your production area. Your innovation is our challenge. Our team would be pleased to help you in becoming even more innovative.

Some industry examples:
    Valve industry
    Tool manufacturers
    Turning shops
    Automobile suppliers
    Instrument manufacturers

Our services:

Sharpening and repair service

We offer our sharpening service in order to maximize the service life of your tools. In the case of normal wear, the contour will be reset up to 1mm.In the case of spalling, we will reset the contour for the appropriate value required.


Based on your sketch, we will design the tool for you and provide you with the drawings.
We will also take over the modification of drawings.


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