PCD bolt hole drills

According to your individual requirements

The drill requirements for aluminium wheel machining have risen steadily in recent years. The end-user of the finished wheels expects an ever increasing finish quality of the wheel nut bore along with decreasing tolerance fields.

To meet these requirements, Ochel Werkzeugproduktions GmbH has been producing PCD tipped drills for the machining of aluminium wheels for many years.

Contact person: Mathias Engel

Telephone: +49 7263 / 9196-12
Fax: +49 7263 / 9196-29

Email: kontakt@sonderwerkzeug24.de


Compared with solid carbide, PCD cutting material  can be used in the case of higher cutting values and it produces a better finish quality in the bore. At the same time, the contour always remains dimensionally stable from the first bore to the last. This is the main point of difference from solid carbide cutting material, which is continuously worn down by machining.

Together with our customers, we continue to develop our PCD tipped drills. Of course our PCD tipped drills can be repaired if the tool body has not been destroyed.
If the PCD shows no sign of spalling, EDM and PCD grinding are sufficient. In the event that one or more PCD inserts have been damaged, they will be renewed and the complete contour re-attached.


The characteristics of our PCD drills are as follows:

    largest dimensions: diameter 45mm x 310mm
    closest tolerance in the contour area ±0,005 mm
    4 parallel IKZ bores
    Shanks according to DIN 6535 or customer requirement

    In the case of specific requirements, other varieties may be
    the most suitable choice. Even then, we are still your best
    option! Competence based on over 30 years’ experience.


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