Carbide monoblock tools

According to your individual requirements

Our monoblock tools are made from a steel beam with tool holders of the required types SK/HSK in various diameters and lengths. This steel beam is mostly tipped with HM/PCD or CBN.

The minimization of inaccuracy whilst running is a clear advantage due to the fact that there is no tool holder, which eliminates the awkward step of tool setting. This simplifies handling and clearly improves the reliability of the process.

Our services:

Sharpening and repair service
We offer a sharpening service in order to maximize the service life of your tools. In the case of normal wear, the contour will be reset up to 1mm. In the case of spalling, we will reset the contour for the appropriate value required.

Based on your sketch, we will design the tool for you and provide you with the drawings.
We will also take over the modification of drawings.

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