HSS reamers

The development of customer-specific solutions
places particular focus on these tools.

For the economical fine machining of bores by means of solid carbide reamers, PCD reamers and custom-made multi-blade stepped reamers to customer-specific special tools, we deliver tool solutions for accurate, economical and reliable machining. The machining tasks are often not possible with standard tools due to design, tolerance and other quality standards. Special tool development is then needed.   Multi-stage reamers in particular improve production performance. By increasing the functionality of the tools, we make an important contribution to lowering handling costs. Our product range in the area of reamers includes:

-Solid carbide
-Machine reamers
-HSS/HSS-E machine reamers
-Taper bridge reamers
-Taper pin reamers


HSS reamers are suited for machining unhardened and low alloy tool steel, non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous materials.

Anything from the simplest through-bore or blind holes up to the multi-stage step reaming is possible if the tools are adapted to specific applications.

The lifetime of tools can be greatly increased with suitable coating of the tools.

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