Solid carbide VSTools

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Initially, the task was to develop an equivalent to the solid carbide monoblock tool, using less carbide, with more favourable coating costs, no loose parts and of course extended tool life.

We took on this challenge gladly, and our own product, "VSTool", was the result.

With this in-house development, the VST has taken the first step in terms of innovation of the turning machine which,, due to the comprehensive program of different clamping options, can be used in many different machines. Our tools can be used in anything from conventional turning machines to CNC-controlled multi-spindle machines.

With the precise dovetail tension of form "B", changeover accuracy of less than 0,02mm, of the profiled indexable insert, we cover complex geometries up to a width of 20 mm. The contribution of a lasered chip breaker enables us to keep the cutting edge at the rotation centre at all times, even with very small diameters. Not everyone can offer this advantage, because the chip breaker geometry does not result in any profile distortion on the swivel base or the indexable tip.

Wider profiles are covered by another more stable system. The form "A" inserts emanate from our C-series and also prove themselves thanks to their high changeover accuracy and their lifetime in the machining process.

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