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Competence based on over 30 years’ experience.

Accuracy requirements, service life, price and cutting data analysis can be satisfactorily achieved with bolthole drills of solid carbide.
Using CNC tool grinding machines, we create any contour required with a high degree of repeat accuracy.
Contact person: Mathias Engel

Telephone: +49 7263 / 9196-12
Fax: +49 7263 / 9196-29

Email: kontakt@sonderwerkzeug24.de


Ochel Werkzeugproduktions GmbH delivers more than 2,000 drilling tools worldwide to more than 25 light alloy rim manufacturers annually. This shows that Ochel is regarded as an established partner and top supplier within this branch.

Ochel manufactures high-precision drilling tools for various contours for virtually all the leading automobile manufacturers and the most popular cars.

We manufacture drilling tools for wheel types of:
Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Citroen, Ferrari, Ford, Maserati, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Smart, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen.
In addition to this, we also supply other individual manufacturers who are exclusively active in the after-market.

In recent years, construction of the respective tools, purchasing of special blanks from leading carbide suppliers, production on modern CNC machines and quality testing have been specialized and optimized for this segment.

Our flexible organization enables average delivery times of approximately 25-30 working days.

Would you like to get to know Ochel Werkzeugproduktions GmbH and test our drills? Delivery of the first drill is on the basis of:
"Payment after approval"!
Characteristics of our solid carbide bolt hole drill
are as follows:
    largest dimensions: Diameter 45mm x 310mm
    lapped surfaces
    closest tolerance in the contour area ±0,005 mm
    with the option of internal coolant bores,
    MMS is also possible
    Shanks according to DIN 6535 or customer requirement

    In the case of specific requirements, other varieties may be 
    the most suitable choice.

Even then, we are still your best option!
Competence based on over 30 years’ experience.


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