Clear technological lead due to regular acquisition of new machines ....

The mix of technology which has matured over the years from manual and CNC-controlled technology, forms the basis for cost-effective, precise and quick implementation of customer requirements. Sustainable investments in grinding machines and measuring technology make us the preferred strategic partner of many automobile suppliers and direct customers.

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Machine park 2022
4x Flat  
  Machine Function
2x BLANCHARD Flat grinding machine
1x NORTON Flat grinding machine
1x Staehli DLM 705 Flat grinding machine
13x Surface  
  Machine Function
1x AGATHON 250 PA CNC extent grinding machine
2x AGATHON 350 Kombi CNC extent grinding machine
2x AGATHON Evo Penta CNC extent grinding machine
2x AGATHON Dom CNC extent grinding machine
2x AGATHON Evo CNC extent grinding machine
1x AGATHON LEO PERI CNC extent grinding machine
1x WAIDA APX-105 CNC extent grinding machine
2x WENDT WAM-340 CNC extent grinding machine
22x Tool  
  Machine function
4x WALTER Helitronic Power CNC-tool grinding machine
7x WALTER Vision mit Roboter CNC-tool grinding machine
2x WALTER Mini Power CNC-tool grinding machine
2x Deckel S22 Turbo CNC-tool grinding machine
6x TTB EVO CNC-tool grinding machine
1x HÄBERLE WKM/3 FANUC CNC-tool grinding machine
23x Universal  
  Machine function
21x PARKER Majestic Universal grinding machine
1x EWAG RS15 Universal grinding machine
1x EWAG RS09 Universal grinding machine
10x Profil  
  Machine function
1x DOEBELI Profilomat 710 Profile grinding machine
3x MICHAEL DECKEL Flexus-Invader Profile grinding machine
6x HAAS CU Profile grinding machine
2x Cutting  
  Machine function
1x MITSUBISHI FA10 Wire cutting machines
1x MATRA Robocut Alpha Wire cutting machines
28x Measuring  
  Machine function
2x WALTER Helicheck plus optical 3D measuring device
1x WALTER Helicheck 3d optical 3D measuring device
2x Zeiss Surfcom NEX 100 Tactile measuring device
1x Zeiss O-Inspect 322 Multisensor measuring device
1x ZOLLER Genius 3S optical 3D measuring device
1x WERTH quick-inspect optical 2D measuring device
1x MAHR Vision CM50 optical 2D measuring device
1x ZOLLER smart-check 450 optical 2D measuring device
1x ZOLLER samart-check 600 optical 2D measuring device
2x MESSWELK MA 185 optical 2D measuring device
4x Keyence IM optical 2D measuring device
3x Schneider MV360 optical 2D measuring device
1x Schneider PV360 optical 2D measuring device
6x MITUTOYO PV-5000 profile projector
1x MITUTOYO PV-5100 profile projector
1x MITUTOYO PJ/H 3000F profile projector
4x Round  
  Machine function
1x GSE Evolution CNC circular grinding machine
2x GSE Revolution CNC circular grinding machine
1x REINECKER RS700 CNC circular grinding machine
3x Cutting/ chamfering  
  Machine function
1x WIMMER FT 200A-CE cutting machine
1x HMT-S15 cutting machine
1x HÄBRLE FM/1 Chamfering machine
1x Lasering  
  Machine function
1x DMG LA40 Lasering of chip guiding area
3x Cutting edges rounding off  
  Machine function
1x GERBER BP-M5 Rounding off/ polishing
2x OTEC Rounding off/ polishing
2x Dress  
  Machine function
1x GSE EX80 Dressing of grinding disks
1x GEIGER AP-750 Dressing of grinding disks
2x Brazing  
  Machine function
1x HIMMEL High-frequency atmospheric brazing installation
1x ELDEC HF65 High-frequency atmospheric brazing installation
2x Labelling  
  Machine function
1x STARLIGHT Firescan Labelling laser
1x ACI DPL Smart Marker Labelling laser
7x Filtering  
  Machine function
6x VOMAT FA-960 2S Oil filter/cooling system
1x VOMAT FA-480 Oil filter/cooling system


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