Carbide cutting material

Carbide tipped cutting edges

Ochel GmbH has always manufactured special tools with soldered carbide cutting edges. Despite great advances in the development of tool designs and cutting materials, there are numerous applications for these types of tools.

The following features are characteristic for precision tools with soldered carbide cutting edges made by Ochel:

- exclusively special tools
- largest dimensions: Diameter 250mm x 350mm
- shanks according to DIN or
- customer specification
- the option of internal coolant bores
- the option of various coatings
(TiN, TiAIN, TiCN, CrN, etc.)
Straight fluted or spiralled chip space
- closest tolerance: ± 0,005mm

Step drills for the fitting industry
If possible, many contour elements in the work piece should be produced in one operational step:
- Diameter of fitting dimension
- End faces
- Core diameter
- Inner and outer bevel
by means of bridge contour.

Milling tools
In particular, we manufacture specially designed side milling cutters with soldered carbide cutting edges.
The contour of the cutting edges can be ground in various forms.

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