PCD cutting material

PCD as an extremely hard cutting material with high abrasion resistance.

The machining of high-silicon aluminium casting leads to strongly abrasive wear on conventional cutting materials. This is why PCD materials are used here.

The exceptionally high wear resistance of the very hard diamond cutting material significantly increases the service life of tools, thus making PCD tools particularly suitable for complex levels and contour tools that perform multiple operations in a single operational step.

  This saves tools and tool change time. Furthermore, multiple stages can create high alignment accuracy in the work pieces. Very high cutting speeds and feed rates are possible with highly precise, imbalance-free rotating tools. Depending on the respective application, the tool often no longer determines the field data but the performance of the machine tool.


Characteristics of our precision tools
with PCD cutting edges are as follows:
exclusively special tools
largest dimensions: diameter 150mm x 350mm
 Shanks according to DIN, e.g. DIN 69893 HSK or
customer specification
with the option of internal coolant bores
Straight fluted, angular fluted or spiralled chip space
closest tolerance: ± 0,003mm
Base body made of carbide or steel

Production of PCD special tools

The processing of extremely hard PCD cutting edges requires a great deal of expertise and a suitable machine park. Under the application of highly precise and complex working operations on die sinking and wire EDM machines, as well as special grinding machines, we achieve close tolerances and high finish quality. Qualified and specially trained employees ensure process reliability and fulfilment of precision requirements.


We manufacture:
    PCD step drills
    PCD drilling tools for the processing of alloy wheels
    PCD indexable inserts
    PCD milling cutters
    PCD sectional steel


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