CER indexable inserts

Indexable inserts for all turning and milling areas

Our production range covers the entire spectrum from the smallest applications in the watch industry to the massive heavy-duty machining. Our main focus is traditionally linked to the automotive sector. At the same time, our customer base is expanding in the areas: Plastics processing/medical technology/ renewable energies, e.g. increasing in wind power technology.
We presently process all common cutting materials on the machining market, such as: solid carbide /PCD/HSS/CBN/cermet and cutting ceramics. We can therefore supply our special tools in nearly all areas of application at the highest degree of quality.


Areas of application
Description Specification
Flat sectional steel The bonding of anything from CNC-controlled wire-cut EDM, profile and tool grinding machines to profile measuring machines has made it possible to equip solid carbide or HSS work pieces with every conceivable profile with highly effective technology.
Round sectional steel CNC-profile and tool grinding machines offer the best conditions for the production of high-quality solid carbide or HSS work pieces with effective technology. The technology also focuses on "low-manpower" production. Computerized evaluation also guarantees quality assurance.
Custom forming plates Whether made of carbide or cermet, CNC profile grinding which can also be combined with the wire-cut EDM, guarantees the best quality at a fair price. Any form with clearance angles is possible even at more than 15°.


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